New Piano Japan Made Yamaha U1, U3 and YUS

Yamaha Music Malaysia at Kelana Jaya has recently imported a number of new Japan made pianos!! Previously, the showroom was hosting Indonesia made upright pianos and some Japan made grand pianos. The NEW Japan made Yamaha U1 , U3 and YUS are hardly available then. Now, Yamaha pianos made in Japan and imported from Japan are really coming to town!  It is really exciting to see the New Yamaha U3 and YUS also which were not available previously.

Don't Rush To Test The New Piano

You may want to check out and test these new Yamaha upright pianos at the Kelana Jaya showroom. At this moment Oct 12 2018, the pianos have just arrived few days ago and are not fully in tuned yet. So, please wait for a few days or weeks to visit and check them out. We have no luck to test the well tuned ones yet.

Close Pricing Between Japan Made Yamaha Upright Price And Indonesia Made Yamaha Grand Piano

A Japan U1 MSRP price starts from RM40,0000 and above and come around the same price for a Indonesia made Yamaha baby grand GB1K. You might see these Japan made U1 available online in some Yamaha's retailer websites.

When asked why is the price of a Yamaha grand from Indonesia the same as a Yamaha U1 from Japan, the reply is the sound and tone quality is different. This gives you a hint on why Japan made USED Yamaha is still more valuable to Indonesia made Yamaha to some buyers who seek upon certain sound and tone quality provided they are professionally refurbished. Oh yes, we have foreign professional musician who is seeking used piano that are more seasoned in tone than a new piano. Buying a piano still comes down to very individual personal choice. You really have to play, listen and feel the pianos. New and used pianos have their own advantages. It also comes to how much budget you can spend wisely.