Understanding Japan Imported and Japan Refurbished Used Piano

When it comes to buying refurbished used piano or second hand piano, the two major piano brands that are highly sought after namely Yamaha and Kawai do not have any Malaysia local manufacturing plant but Indonesia piano manufacturing plant. So generally, Yamaha and Kawai whether new or used including many other Japanese piano brands are all imported pianos. In the early days, about 20-30 years back, pianos made in Indonesia are not at all impressive in term of quality and sound. Local buyers still prefer a used Japan imported piano over Indonesia imported pianos. The Japan made Yamaha and Kawai versus Indonesia made Yamaha and Kawai have ingrained superiority within the mindset of Malaysian piano buyers. Japan imported used piano becomes a search term.

Japan used piano suppliers have graded the used piano in many levels such as A, B and C. In order to meet the local demand and price sensitivity, many piano suppliers here are importing these used piano and perform local piano restoration work. The restoration workmanship are varied by degree coupled with piano tuning capability to bring in the right piano sound. Inspired by Japanese workmanship, some have worked down into changing every screws in the piano to make it look tremendously new. The amount of detailed work can deemed excellent but due to tedious labor work and lack of more efficient tools compared to Japanese, the work could take up months. Hence, the supply of such piano supply is rare. Of course, this comes at a higher price.

Japan imported pianos that come at highest grade A, (AAA - AAAAA) are typically fully refurbished in Japan. The workmanship is defined by Japanese quality at high and replacement parts are sourced from Japan. Due to the flourishing Japan piano industry, it is not hard for used piano supplier from Japan to hire ex-Yamaha concert tuner and other piano technicians. The restoration work are done by scale with machinery and also certain parts by labor.

Film Protected Logo and Lock
Polished Metal Frame, High Quality Muffler Felt. Shiny Copper Strings (No Rust)
Fine Hammer Action
Shiny Tuning Pins, Pressure bar, Hinges, New Screws and Strings. Pin block that still holds the tuning pins well.
Clean Interior, Solid Metal Frame and Pin block
Renewed Key bushing, sand polished wooden keys
Film protected and shiny pedals, renewed pedal hole felts

The price may come at a few thousand ringgit more than local refurbished unit or at similar price to some local refurbished sellers. Double digit import duty and Japan cost of workmanship apply to these Japan refurbished pianos. Quality piano buyers who came at lower budget still find it well deserved to fork out extra bugs for best in class quality pianos and more confident of the lasting period of the pianos. They do find that the replacement parts or materials to be sourced from Japan as well. You also need trusted seller to tell you the truth about refurbish workmanship.

Price sensitive buyers are fine to buy local refurbished unit if decent quality sufficed. There are good bargains to spot because some units are still in good maintenance.

Note: BestPricePiano.com has both local refurbished and Japan refurbished piano units on sale to meet different demand of buyers. Over the years, Grace has been helping customer to meet their various buying demands and has a good understanding of many piano suppliers and their workmanship. BestPricePiano.com employed very experienced yet trusted piano technician and tuner on our own local refurbished unit. More recently, buyers demand for Japan refurbished pianos or fully refurbished in Japan pianos.