The History of Wilh. Steinberg

This company, formerly known as Wilh. Steinberg Pianofortefabrik, was formed after the reunification of Germany by the merger of several East German piano companies, the oldest of which traces its origins back to 1877. Since July 2013, the company has been owned by Parsons Music Ltd., a Hong Kong–based piano manufacturer. In addition to its own pianos, Thüringer Pianoforte makes several other European piano brands under OEM agreements. The company also specializes in custom cabinets and finishes. Piano production is about 500 verticals and 50 grands per year.

(**Please do not confuse Wilh. Steinberg with C. Steinberg piano. These are two different brands. )

Wilh. Steinberg Piano

Wilh. Steinberg pianos are made in two levels of quality. The higher-quality level is the Signature series. These pianos are made in Germany with actions by Renner and keyboards by Kluge. Cabinets for the verticals are made by Thüringer Pianoforte in its own facilities; grand cabinets are supplied by Parsons Music. “Amadeus” and “Passione” are Signature series models that have special cabinet styles.

The lower-cost models, known as the P line (model numbers beginning with P), were formerly made under the Eisenberg brand name, a name no longer in use. P-line models are entirely made by Parsons Music in China using Thüringer designs.