Owning A Piano?
Owning A Piano?
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Upgrade For Better?
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Time To Disown?



We are Authorized Dealer of Upright Pianos & Grand Pianos by Piano Brands below.


Seasoned Piano Teacher

The Passion for Piano

Grace is an accountant by professional whose passion in music has turned her into an ATCL certified piano teacher. She enjoys teaching piano and helping students owning a piano. She started her piano teacher career since 1975.





Our Commitment

Customer Satisfaction

Low Price Satisfaction

Our customers who have shopped around other piano stores find our piano prices to be very competitive, affordable and reasonable.

Well Restoration

We hired professional piano restorer, technician and tuner to refurbish the our piano unit and inspect the piano condition before sale.

Professional Mover

We hired trusted professional piano mover to move the pianos to ensure the pianos are not mishandled during the transport.

Buy Back Offer

We offer buy back of our sold piano unit when you need to upgrade or sell off your piano.


Our customers include locals and expats from Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan and etc.
Bought Kawai BL51 piano recently. Well refurbished piano with great condition and decent price. My daughter loves it very much! - Dec 2017



Bought a Yamaha U1JPE piano and it is a good buy and on top of that the seller has vast product knowledge that ease the buyer to choose which piano to buy. - Aug 2018



Awesome! We are so blessed to get our dream Kawai piano at the affordable price. Fast delivery and quick response on querries. Strongly recommended ! - Aug 2018


House Wife

I bought a Kawai KS-2F. Good condition and reasonable. Love it. - Aug 2018


Piano Student

Nice and good condition, reasonable price Kawai BS20 Special. Good and nice. -Mar 2018


House Wife

Great Service! - Apr 2019
Julie Dessureault

Julie Dessureault

Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra Musician

Brought my son to choose a piano here. They have a very wide range of brands and models, both upright and grand. Very good service provided, and they really spent time to understand customer needs, and gave us very good advice. Within 2 days, we were able to find one that suits my son's needs. Highly recommended. Extremely good service. So blessed to have found this place. Thank you! - Sept 2020


House Wife

It's a seller that you do not worry about and they will give you a better price and worth it for your money! - Jul 2019

Steven Young

I want to share my experience and feeling with you guys and tell you how much am amazed and pleased with my new kawai upright piano. It's just wooooooowwww...They delivered immediately and in good condition. They were really helpful and patient so found my favourite piano. 2 weeks ago I bought it here and it sound so great. It was second hand but looks so new. Even there is no line or scratch on it. By the way I heard they have piano tutorial/teaching classes and their price is honestly affordable and due to they are so patient , you will learn fast and easy. To those who are eager to learn music, I advise you to buy your musical instrument here and take some classes. You will see the results very soon. At Best Price Piano by symphonic music there are many pianos which you can try and play them and choose your favourite one. I love piano as it's so high class, its sound is so soft and remind me the young Isrealite piano prodigy called Alma Deutsche. Watch her videos on YouTube and would fall in love with piano. If you start learning piano, after all you can learn violin as they are so similar in notes and ...music is my soul's food and unfortunately I can not share you my performance here. But I learned how to play piano in a year and now I play in the church. I am so blessed and with this beautiful piano my blessing is just completed. Finally, to learn piano, is never late. If you want feel calm, younger and relaxed, start it now. Call and make appointment and check out there. Thanks for reading and good luck.!

Natalie Jones



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