We provide 5 years warranty covering metal frame and sound board for used piano bought from us. You must provide receipt as proof that the piano is bought from us.

Each piano brand has manufacturer's warranty in term of years, labor and parts; this is noted in the product description.


1. All Goods sold are non-returnable unless damaged by Symphonic Music or materially not in conformance with the specifications at the time of delivery.

2. Used piano is sold as it is. You shall inspect the purchased Goods immediately at store and upon delivery and shall within 24 hours from such delivery or collection, give notice in writing to us if any Goods is found to have been damaged or not in accordance with the specifications.

3. In the absence of such notice within the 24 hours, the said purchased Goods shall be conclusively deemed to be in accordance with the Agreement in all respects and you shall be bound to accept and pay for the same accordingly.

4. Any request for return or exchange of Goods is subject to investigation by Symphonic Music and will not be entertained if (i) the request is received more than 24 hours after delivery; (ii) the Goods are damaged due to causes not attributable to Symphonic Music; (iii) the value of the Goods is considerably lowered by use or consumption; (iv) the Goods are/have been modified/repaired or handled by third parties and/or not in the original specifications; (v) restriction on the return or exchange of the Goods is explicitly notified at the sale of the Goods; or (vi) returning the Goods is restricted under applicable laws and regulations.

5. Any request for return or exchange of Goods or parts is subject to investigation by Symphonic Music.  Piano technician will visit and make necessary repair or part replacements subjected to warranty period and coverage bore by Symphonic Music.

6. You may return the Goods only upon confirmation by Symphonic Music in writing.

7. You will not be charged for the transportation cost for the return or exchange of Goods if the defects in the Goods or mistakes in delivery is caused by Symphonic Music. Symphonic Music shall assign piano mover to collect the return of Goods and bear the shipping cost should this happened.

8. Upon receipt of the returned Goods, we may opt to either send you similar goods of equivalent value in exchange or refund you the payments received from you (without interest) from the date of confirmation by Symphonic Music. For payments made by credit card, the refund will be made by a card refund. Refund will be made via online bank transfer for all other modes of payment. Refund will be made within 7 days.

9. Symphonic Music shall not be liable for any other loss or damage save as is agreed by us in the Agreement.



Booking deposit made for reserving the piano unit is non refundable, should customer withdraws from purchasing. However, change of mind to exchange for another available piano unit is acceptable, the deposit amount will be carried over and only remaining amount of the new piano price should be paid.



Piano buy back is subjected to conditions below.

1. The condition of the piano is not damaged due to personal use and accepted by Symphonic Music.

2. The usage period does not exceed 5 years from the time of purchase.

3. The offer price is subjected to Symphonic Music analysis on the piano condition. Typically, we offer 50% of purchase price.