Hailun H9P Upright Piano

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The H9P, 130cm professional upright piano is a 21st century design instrument with the tonalities that cover all periods of piano literature. Uniquely new, the H9P incorporates duplex, agraffes and treble termination bar that contribute to the outstanding full and balanced tone. The solid European Spruce soundboard, combined with FFW German Felt hammers
and treble cut-off, give the pianist a complete colorful range for expression.

Technical Specifications
Cabinet Height: 130 cm
Depth: 59 cm
Width: 151 cm
Plate: Wet sand cast; full perimeter for strength and tuning stability
Soundboard: 1,862 square inches. Solid North Alpine Austrian spruce. Hailun designed and manufactured
String: German Röslau; Treble: duplex scale; agraffes; copper-alloy bearing wire for cleaner termination and clarity in treble; Bass: agraffes #1 Bass String Speaking
Length: 122cm
Pin Block: Multi-laminate 17 layers maple
Tuning Pins: # 45 steel, chromium sealed
Ribs: 11 quarter sawn spruce
Backposts: 5
Action: Hailun Performance PlusTM design European horn-beam
Action Rail: Aluminum
Hammers: German quality FFW felt, Wiirzen co., Germany; cold pressed with mahogany hammer molding
• Naturals—laminated spruce with red beech shoes, buttons and dowel capstans; weighted and balanced;
• Sharps— Ebony wood
Bridges: Solid maple—hand notched
Bass Bridge: Solid maple, copper alloy bearing rod to create uniform string angle for consistent down bearing on the bass
bridge enhancing tone
Casters: Double solid brass
Pedals: Solid brass; Soft—Sustaining—Mute
Features: Cabinet top: split lid, large front swing-out music desk; grand style slow close fallboard; bench: adjustable with
music storage


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