If you are a Kawai piano buyer who loves the mellow sound of Kawai piano, chances are you are seeing a lot of Kawai K, KU, KS, KL, BL and BS series upright piano in the Malaysia market.  They are the more affordable series in the price range of RM5000-11000. Notably, you will find a number of models bearing this “Special” edition printed beside the standard model number.


While other series such as BL’s and KL’s “Special” limited edition are quite subtle about this Special Edition by printing only on the metal frame, the BS series has a special logo printed on the fall board “Special 1989”. (See the pictures below)



The Special Edition of Kawai BL and BS Series are generally using the  famous Louis Renner‘s action instead of Kawai’s own action. Louis Renner action is highly sought after in many popular finest piano manufacturers such as Blüthner, Bösendorfer, Estonia, Fazioli, August Förster, Grotrian-SteinwegPearl RiverPetrof, Pfeiffer, Pleyel, Schulze Pollman, Pramberger, Ravenscroft, Rönisch, Samick, Sauter, Schimmel, Steinberg, Steingraeber, Steinway & Sons, Charles Walter and Young Chang.

The production of a piano mechanism is intrinsically complicated. 8,800 sections, small parts, springs and strips have to be put together for one single action. It is scarcely possible to enumerate the number of motions and factory stages that lead to the end-product. Acknowledged throughout the world, Renner is a typical example of the German precision industry. The most modern machinery ensures the highest possible standard of precision and reliability.

Here is a photo showing a Kawai BL61 Special Edition hammer head with a faded marking “Louis Renner, Stuttgart”. So, if you are lucky to find a Special Edition Kawai, just so you know what it is worth.

Kawai in recent years are using carbon fibre infused material and promoting their new Millennium III Action that is lighter and faster.