Yamaha SX101RBI Disklavier Upright

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A new ENSPIRE ST would cost around RM100K which consists of a U1 and Disklavier autoplay and silent function. This Yamaha SX series at 121cm height is equivalent to the U1 Disklavier. While it doesn’t have silent function like the new one. It has the basic autoplay function. The outdated floppy drive is no longer a showstopper because this unit is upgrade with wireless function which can be controlled by a mobile phone or tablet. The MIDI songs are saved on the cloud or on the phone depending on the apps used.

Other sellers have removed the autoplay function and sell at cheaper price. However, the autoplay function of this unit is functional.

Additional information

Weight250 kg
Dimensions151 × 60 × 121 cm

Polished Ebony

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